Why It Is Better To Use Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquets

Choosing your wedding flowers is one aspect in the myriad of decisions you have to make when planning for your wedding. Flowers will play an integral part of your wedding decoration and making the wrong decision can ruin your entire wedding theme. While you are certain about the colors and types of flowers you want, choosing between artificial flowers and real flowers can be tough. Real flowers have true beauty and natural scent, which is undeniable. If you truly love flowers, it can be hard to consider going the artificial way. However, artificial wedding bouquets Melbourne today offers have spectacularly evolved and you need to take into account the advantages they offer over real flowers before you make your final decision.

Never run out of season

Unlike real flowers, options for fake flowers Melbourne shops provide are always in season. It can be frustrating to hear that your florist cannot get the beautiful wedding bouquets you’ve always imagined simply because they are out of season. You can avoid the stress of being forced to choose another flower by visiting an artificial florist. Regardless of the time of the year you plan your wedding, you can be rest assured of finding the flowers you’ve always dreamt of.


Do you suffer from flower allergies or hay fever? Real flowers can really ruin your important day. It might get worse with pollen rich species such as anemones, roses, anthuriums and lilies. Having artificial wedding bouquets Melbourne stores offer is the way to go if you don’t want to have watery eyes and a red nose or bees following you because of your sweet smelling flowers.

Avoid the panic by getting the flowers delivered early

Real flowers can easily die during transit if stored wrongly, or simply wilt because of hot weather. This is the greatest disadvantage of real flowers. Timing is absolutely important. You also need to put much trust on your wedding bouquets Melbourne supplier to deliver them on time and in perfect condition. Instead of going through such hassles, choose artificial flowers for your wedding. You can have them delivered weeks before the wedding and need not take any special precautions when storing them.

Last a lifetime

If you want to have a real wedding archive, make the smart choice of using artificial flowers for your wedding. You can actually keep the flowers and show them to your children and grandchildren. It goes without saying that artificial flowers are more durable than real flowers because they don’t die or wilt.

Artistic and creative detailing for your wedding bouquets

Real flowers are extremely sensitive. This makes it impossible to work out artistic details on the bouquets. It is also difficult to add crystals and embellishments without damaging or bruising them. Artificial flowers Melbourne stores have today have fascinating artistic details that will add glamour to your bouquets. You can get them designed in whatever way you want.

These are the reasons why brides in Melbourne and all over Australia are making the smart choice of using artificial flowers on their weddings. For supply of magnificently beautiful artificial flowers for your wedding, visit Flora By Design website, a top supplier of artificial flowers in Melbourne, and give your order.