You only need two things to succeed in print advertising

When it comes to printing products and services, the website is a treasure trove of things your business can leverage to put your brand out there.

From printed marketing materials and annual reports to books and restaurant menus, the company will provide you with the tools to spread the word. They can even help you convey the right message to your target audience.

Check out, and you will see four major services on offer—materials, fulfillment, inserts, and mailing services.

You can use one or all of them to grow your small business. If your budget dictates to start with just a few options, invest in cost-effective print advertising techniques.

Readily available on, you only need to choose the best solution.

Print ads you must leverage to turn a small business into a big one

Business cards

Small as these are, but they can have a lasting impact on the recipient, especially when designed right.

For many B2B companies, business cards are the most personalized form of a print ad, but these will only work and stand out from the competition if they meet certain criteria:

  • Unique or odd-shaped
  • Interesting graphics
  • Magnetized, etc.

Want to know more? From the homepage of, go to Products > Marketing Material Printing > Business Cards Dallas.

Direct mail advertising

Between email and direct mail advertising, the latter has a higher open rate, while the former is often deleted. This is especially true with more people who have had enough of spam emails.

So, if you want your print ad delivered to your target market, you should mail brochures, postcards, or flyers directly to them.

The potential that prospects will open your mail is high, increasing your reach. Moreover, 73% of customers in America prefer their ads delivered by mail. This is mainly because…

  • They can view a print ad at their most convenient time.
  • They look through their mail every day, increasing your ad’s open rate.
  • They consider direct mails to be more personalized.

This means prospects are likely to give your company’s advert a chance. This provides you with the opening you need to generate leads and convert them into sales.

For this reason, direct mail remains one of the most effective techniques of print advertising. Why not make it the vehicle to grow your small business?

To get started, go to, click on Products > Direct Mail Marketing Dallas.

How do you ensure success in print advertising?

One thing—know your target audience.

You must know who is reading your ads and what influences them to buy the products or services you’re offering.

For small businesses, targeting a more specific audience means a better ROI. So, create a customer profile that reflects your target market, then roll out print adverts that they frequently access.

Do they read magazines or newspapers? Do they prefer coupons and pamphlets sent to them via post?

The answer will guide you on the best advertising technique to use.

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